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Health and hygienic condition are very bad among these tribal areas. They are totally unaware of the how to live a healthy and hygienic life. They do not take bath regularly and they mostly wear unwashed dirty cloths. Their way of cooking is unhealthy and the vessels used for same are not washed properly. The infants and children easily fall sick and are not vaccinated as per schedule or never vaccinated. They fetch water from river, lake, well, hand pump and also by digging during water scarcity but they are unaware of the problems caused by drinking that water without boiling. They are also unaware how smoking and drinking is injurious to their health.

The Bhils live in areas where the regular medical services are limited. The hospitals are too far away from their villages and these tribals rarely go to the hospitals as they are not able to afford the expensive treatment. Whatever services are provided is not trusted by the tribals. Many sick and emergency cases face their death before they could get to the hospital on time because of the lack of proper transportations and roads facility.

Tribal people worship the spirits of the dead. They consider magicians as gods. They sacrifice goats and hens suggested by the magicians for blessing and healing, so most of their earnings are wasted. Since this is practised, in every houses and it is also taught to the younger ones, all believe that the magic can heal any diseases. They allow the magicians to brand the affected part of the body with hot iron rods expecting healing and relief. Therefore all the families are in the clutches of evil spirits and are being destroyed not knowing how to be redeemed.


Idols offered to receive healing & blessing

As seen before, that these Bhil people are totally unaware of the basic hygiene and they have issues going to hospitals and have an unhealthy and a unethical alternative to treat their sicknesses and diseases depending on the magicians. Thus the people are easily affected with Malaria, Typhoid, Cancer, Tuberculosis and other deadly diseases. Many are anaemic from iron deficiency and from Sickle cell. Some are born with disabilities and some later. Affordability is also a problem for them. These are the major reasons why these people need medical care!


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